Advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer treatment

Patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer are not eligible for surgical treatment, as it would not completely remove all the lesions.

Only in exceptional cases, patients in stage IV and single metastases in organs such as the brain, adrenal gland or liver may be evaluated for a possible surgical intervention. The intervention may act both on the pulmonary lesion and on the single metastasis, after pharmacological treatment.

This approach is used when the involvement of mediastinal lymph nodes is not present or is minimal. In any case, any surgery is preceded with a drug treatment.

For all other patients with an inoperable disease, the treatment of choice is pharmacological. In fact, through the use of drugs (by mouth or vein), attempts are made aiming to block cancer growth and eventually reduce the size of the disease in its respective locations.

Lung Cancer Chemotherapy
Therapies for patients with PD-L1≥50%
Therapies for patients with PD-L1 <50%
Therapy for lung cancer with EGFR mutation
Therapies for ALK positive patients
Therapies for ROS1 positive patients
Therapies for patients with BRAF mutation