The project

The traditional face-to-face relationship between doctor and patient is undergoing a real revolution today. The treatment scene is quickly becoming more complex, involving various subjects in various capacities.

With the advent of the internet, new innovative elements are introduced in the traditional “dyadic” relationship between doctor and patient, giving life to a new “extended” relational configuration.

LungCancers Ultraspecialisti
Lungcancers project

How was it born?

The idea stems from the direct experience of one of the founders, Dr. Vanesa Gregorc  an oncology specialist, who discovered a need of working closely with patients suffering from oncological diseases.

The daily experience has highlighted the need to facilitate the meeting and the overall relationship between medical specialists and people, who need to receive information related to their oncological problems.

“I believe that information plays a fundamental role in care and must be safe and competent, but also accessible and offered in an understandable language. Through this portal, we want to help people affected by lung cancer and their families to face the disease without fear, with courage and hope and knowing that in Italy, excellence and best possible care is available. We want to be of help and comfort, providing practical suggestions, and be a support in the journey. Write to us, interact and ask, we will try to help you as much as we can!”


Our Team

The portal is managed, maintained and updated by a medical staff that guarantees the quality of the contents, compliance with the conditions of confidentiality of information and compliance with the laws.

The staff makes use of the collaboration of a group of young doctors (scientific board) for the creation of content in agreement with the main reference sites on pathology and clinical studies (AIRC, AIOM, ASCO, ESMO, NCCN, EORTC, Clinical trial gov, LUCE NETWORK,) and will be supervised by a group of senior clinicians.

The portal is aimed at both patients and doctors, through specific sections of interest. 

Vanesa Gregorc Lung Cancers

Dr. Vanesa Gregorc

Project Head

Coordinator of the Thoraco-pulmonary and Melanoma Therapeutic Areas, San Raffaele Hospital and Scientific Director of Ultraspecialisti Srl

alessandra bulotta lung cancers

Dr. Alessandra Bulotta

Project Manager and Scientific Board Coordinator

Physician at San Raffaele Hospital, Milan, Italy

chiara lazzari lung cancers

Dr. Chiara Lazzari

Executive Manager

Physician-Researcher at San Raffaele Hospital, Milan, Italy

Claudia Finocchiaro lung cancers

Dr. Claudia Y. Finocchiaro

Consultant for the Clinical Health Psychology Services at IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital, Milano

Umberto Malapelle lung cancers

Dr. Umberto Malapelle

Researcher in Pathological Anatomy at Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II 

Abdel Khater lung cancers

Dr. Abdel Khater

Student at Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan


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20131 – Milano, Italy
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Ultraspecialisti®, owner of the portal is an innovative startup with a social vocation in the medical-health field, established and operating in Milan, Italy.

Ultraspecialisti want to promote a new approach and philosophy of the right to health, minimizing both time and distance between people and highly specialised doctors.